Mokelumne River

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Mokelumne watershed boundary

The Mokelumne River Watershed is in the central Sierra Nevada. Situated within the Mokelumne watershed is FERC 137, a model hydropower project. This project has low volume, high elevation storage at the Blue Lake complex, additional storage at mid-elevation Bear River and Salt Springs Reservoirs, and finally a system of low elevation powerhouses (Tiger Creek, West Point, Electra). This system has be been designed to maximize water flowing down the rivers at all times of year. The Mokelumne River also is the water supply for the East Bay Municipal Utility Districts’ Mokelumne Aqueduct.

Basic watershed data

Watershed area (km2) 1,497
Total number of dams 13
Total number of powerhouses 5
Total length of conveyances (km)
Note: conveyance length may include portions that extend beyond the watershed boundary.

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