ArcGIS: Project an Entire Directory

HYDRA Watersheds

This script projects an entire directory of items into Teale Albers format. It (funkily) supports projections as well.

By default, it looks in the folder "input" and creates an output folder called "projected" - to make it look in another folder for input, the first argument on the command line can be a path to look in. The second argument on the command line specifies whether they are coverages. If a second argument is present, it will treat them as coverages. If you don't want to specify another folder as the first argument, just make an empty string as the first argument (eg: run it as "" 1).

Email Nick for more information. A lot more streamlining and tweaking can be added to this, but it wasn't an initial priority.

Requires ArcGIS 10 (uses Arcpy)

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Nick Santos
Feb 2010

Required modules: arcpy

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