ESP 190 Tuolumne River KMZ (Gonzalez, Mortenson, and Tran, 2010)

Tuolumne River

Authors: Robert Gonzalez, Dean Mortenson, and Dao Tran

The attached KMZ file chronicles the geologic and geomorphic history of the Tuolumne River Watershed and is intended to provide the user with a broad understanding of how the Tuolumne River watershed was formed and its present physical setting. The geology of the Sierra Nevada is dominated by tectonic action as evidenced by our shakey existance from continuing plate collisions and subducting. Rising granitic plutons determined the course of the Tuolumne and the river's erosive action has in turn played a large part in shaping the Tuolumne watershed. This river and others in the Sierra Nevadas provided the force to erode and transport the rich fluvial soils that now exist in California's highly productive Central Valley.

TuolumneRiverGeoHistory_Gonzalez-Mortenson-Tran_2010_ESP190.kmz337.66 KB